Helpful Hints in Home Building

Building a home is probably one of the biggest, most important decision in our lives. We want our home to encompass all the aspects of our day-to-day living. Whether it’s having an office to work from home, or ample storage space, and maybe even an extra playroom for the kids to go play and keep the toys in, so we don’t step on legos in the middle of the night. We also want to be well informed of the building process so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming because of all the decisions to be made. Utilizing our years of experience, we have put together a list of things to consider, if you are thinking about building a new home. It’s all about communication! If you try and communicate all your wants, needs, and questions to your builder in the planning stage, the less concerns will come up down the road, when it’s too late or too expensive to make changes.

1. Do some homework!

Even as adults, we dread the word “homework”, but the more research you do in the beginning, will make the planning process go a lot smoother. Thanks to social media, you can look on Pinterest, Facebook, or Houzz and find tons of inspiration on design and material selections. What kind of style are you looking at? Modern, with sleek lines and shapes, using recycled materials? Or maybe you prefer something more Craftsman style with more attention to detail. Lots of wood work, columns, accented with iron balusters or decorative lighting? Feel free to ask questions about what styles are popular right now. Go tour the Parade of Homes in your area and see what you do and don’t like in the different layouts.

2. Look at how you live in your home now.

How are you going to use the rooms in your home? Do you spend a lot of time cooking and entertaining, and need that extra counter and storage space in the kitchen? Do you have a large family and need more bedrooms and storage? Maybe it’s the “Man Cave” that every man wants and finally gets room for? What about the laundry room? Should it be in a main floor Mud Room where dirty cloths are brought in from being outside, or should it be in the basement where it is out of sight? Maybe it’s just adding a small extra bathroom to prevent a waiting line. How about electrical outlets and switches…would it be nice to have some outlets inside the cabinets to prevent counter top clutter? Or maybe floor outlets so that there aren’t cords hanging out everywhere? Come to the table with your major design concerns and ideas and that will help guide us toward making the plans work to fit your needs.

3. Budget, Budget, Budget!

Here comes the scary part….the financial situation of “how much can we afford?” There are a lot of different costs that go into building a home that are often overlooked but are really important in the financial planning of your project. For example, when a price is given to build a home, there are always variables that may alter the estimated amount given, due to unseen variables. We can’t predict exactly what it will cost to put in a well/septic system, because each lot is different! How long does your driveway need to be? Other site expenses may include utility hook up, permits, lot clearing and clean up, city sewer/water, ect. These are all things that will have to be factored in to the final price of the home.

We hope some of these highlights have helped you to prepare for your upcoming home building experience. Check us out on our Facebook page as well to see our updates on current projects.